RazorGuard Refill


Our two-ounce bottle provides 60-80 of the smoothest, irritation-free shaves from any razor.

Our Original Clear Solution is an oil-based formula recommended for all one and two-bladed razors and not recommended for use in the shower. 

Our Blue Solution is recommended for all razors with three or more blades and can be used safely in the shower.

RazorGuard's proprietary antimicrobial blend not only keeps your blade antiseptic clean and sharp but also protects your skin all day long.

Your Smoothest Shave is also Your Safest!

RazorGuard must be used in conjunction with our patented RazorGuard "Hydrovoir" Holder to safely keep your razor elevated above the residue that is removed from the razor.

RazorGuard is specially formulated for achieving optimum shaving performance from allrazors including the Gillette Mach 3 and 5-blade Fusion, Schick Quattro, Dollar Shave Club and Harry's Razors.

For additional savings and convenience, take advantage of our Freight-Free Automatic Refill Program 

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Our 2-ounce bottle lasts 60-90 days depending on your shaving habits.