RazorGuard PreShave

 Throw away your ordinary shave cream and post-shave moisturizers all you need is three drops of RazorGuard PreShave applied to wet skin before you shave.

Normal shave cream contains surfactants that create air pockets leading to razor drag and skin irritation, creating a market for post-shave balms. 

RazorGuard PreShave is an all-natural formula comprised of essential oils, skin nutrients and a patented relipident that protects, lubricates and feeds your skin while you shave. The result is the smoothest, irritation-free shave possible from any razor and skin as smooth as a babies b(!)

We guarantee your skin will look and feel healthier after just one shave! 

  • 1oz. pump bottle with cap (approx. 45 shaves)

TSA Approved for Travel


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