So You Think You Have A Great Idea?


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We have all had an idea or two along the way, the only difference is I scrapped a cushy 15-year Fortune 50 corporate sales job confident I had the next great infomercial hit  

Well it didn't quite work out that way.

It all began with a bad shave, make that 3 days of battle with a new Gillette Sensor razor. Gillette had always been my go to without issue, was this blade defective?

While I was driving to work, stopped in LA traffic in front of The University of Southern California, collar open, bloody tissue stuck to my chin, I looked over and wondered if it were possible to borrow a microscope and see if this was simply a manufacturing error or whether I needed to change my tools of choice. 

There are few moments in life that become the catalyst for change.  My decision to go to the USC campus the next day in search of answers would become the spark that ignited a three alarm fire, one that awoke the sleeping giant in Gillette and changed the entire razor industry.  It's a story of unending hope, frustration and personal challenge. 

Join me on this road less traveled as I disclose the ups and downs of what has proven to be a story of survival against the odds.  It will prove to be entertaining as well as educational for past, present and future entrepreneurs.

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August 28, 2019

I have been shaving my head for fifteen years. About a year ago, I started having problems shaving to the point where I could not shave my head without having multiple nicks and cuts and my head being extremely irritated afterwards. i resorted to electric shavers, but wasn’t happy, because I like the smooth feel of my scalp after shaving with a razor. I started using Razorguard with the Pre-shave, and they have been a Godsend. After absolutely cannot shave my head without them. Razorguard is an AMAZING product,

Al R.
Al R.

March 30, 2019

I have been using the Razorguard solution for several years now, and got to say, it’s a great product I have blades that I could use for almost 2 months until they have to be changed . Waiting for their new shaving cream to come out. Great job Razorguard

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