RazorGuard Shaving System

Feel The Smoothest Shaves, Longest Lasting Blades & Healthier Skin

It doesn't matter what razor you use, RazorGuard PreShave and Blade Conditioner will greatly enhance your razor's performance and longevity while delivering an exceptionally smooth shave experience.

Our Shaving System is two-fold: 

RazorGuard PreShave softens your whiskers and conditions your skin to provide a smooth, irritation-free shave day after day. Comprised of nature's finest essential oils and nutrients, our award-winning formulation deep penetrates skin cells leaving your skin looking healthier and softer to the touch.

RazorGuard Blade Conditioner keeps razors clean and sharp while lubricating your shave to eliminate shave friction. RazorGuard pays for itself in blade savings in just a few months and saves you money the rest of your life.

Buy them together and $ave.