It doesn't matter what razor you use, If you don't use RazorGuard you're throwing away perfectly good blades.

Our proprietary anti-microbial solution safely preserves the blade's cutting edge to keep your razor clean and sharp weeks longer while protecting your skin

Not only will you experience the smoothest shaves possible from any razor, RazorGuard pays for itself in just a few months and saves you money the rest of your life.

Simply store any razor in RazorGuard between shaves to experience weeks of the smoothest, closest shaves possible from a single blade.

 "For The Smoothest Shaves & Longest Lasting Blades"

  • 2 oz. bottle of RazorGuard (lasts approx. 60 Shaves)
  • EZ Mount Hydrovoir® holder 
  • Lifetime Warranty

razor not included

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