How It Works

Over the past 20+ years we have seen a lot of suggestions shared and products marketed to extend the useful life of your razor. 

From sharpening gadgets to home remedy tips such as rubbing your razor on your jeans, towel or blow drying it after every shave or storing your razor in different solutions.

To better understand your options, and their effectiveness, it is essential you understand how razor blades are manufactured.

  1. Mixing and melting of the components in the steel
  2. Annealing, exposing this mixture to extreme heat and then freezing which makes the blades stronger
  3. Tempering, exposing to heat again to to make them more rigid
  4. The blades are then die stamped at a rate of 800-1,200 strokes a minute to form the appropriate cutting edge shape
  5. Coating is then applied using either Teflon, Tin, TiC and Boron Carbide.  

The coating plays a key role in the performance and life of your blade.  Its designed to smooth the naturally uneven manufactured cutting edge to help eliminate the friction while protecting the blade from the corrosive elements of nature. Left untreated, this coating will naturally disintegrate with use. Once the coating is compromised, the blade will become dull and less effective.

You can keep a blade relatively clean and sharp by using any of the aforementioned techniques on a regular basis, however, once you compromise that coated edge, e.g., rubbing on your jeans, towel drying or sharpening, it becomes less smooth and effective, diminishing the quality of your shave.  

It's not  how long you can make your blade last, it's how many smooth quality shaves can you get from your razor.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Click Here To View Actual Microanalysis 

Our Research conducted at The University of Southern California proves that storing your razor in RazorGuard  protects and replenishes that coating dramatically extending the useful life of the  blade edge while delivering a consistently smooth, friction-  free shave.                                                                          

Since we entered the market in 1994 there have been many articles written recommending readers use common oils such as Mineral Oil, Olive Oil, Grape Sseed Oil and others. However, this can be a very dangerous as used blades stored in any oil based solution will harbor a unsafe microbial environment. It is inevitable that from time to time shaving will cause nicks and exposure to this bacterial solution can lead to potentially serious Staph Infection (Staphylococcus).  

Our patents were issued based upon our two prong approach to effectively eliminate this risk;

  1. RazorGuard's Two-Phase Anti-Microbial Formula
  2. Proprietary "Hydrovoir" Holder for safe storage of your razor    

If you are one of the roughly 78% of shaving consumers who shave with a quality blade such as Gillette Mach 3, Gillette 5-Blade ProGlide or Schick Hydro, you're #1 goal is a comfortable shave and secondly, value in the products you choose.  

Don't settle for dollar store razors, with our safe and effective RazorGuardantimicrobial blade solution you can shave with the best for less.