Free Blade Charter Membership


Today there are so many razors to choose from. What started with a durable .10 cent single blade has now been marketed as $5 a blade disposable necessity.

Enough nonsense...The Original two blade Gillette Sensor razor was the benchmark of the industry for many years. Paired with RazorGuard Original Clear Solution, they delivered the smoothest, closest shaves possible. The Sharper Image called the combination "Without Question...The Ultimate Shave"

 Join our Free Blade Charter Membership and take your shave experience to a whole new level while saving a whole lot more.

Your $25 Membership Includes;

  • One Gillette Sensor Handle & Blade
  • 1 ounce Bottle of RazorGuard Original Clear Solution
  • Members will also receive a Charter exclusive $2 DISCOUNT ON ALL FUTURE RAZORGUARD REFILLS  and a FREE GILLETTE SENSOR BLADE with every RazorGuard Refill ordered
  • Any additional Gillette Sensor Blades cost only $1 each











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