Free Premium Blade Membership

Without Question, Gillette makes the best cartridge razors in  the world...we simply make them perform much better, much longer!

The Gillette Sensor Razor was the standard of the industry for many years. Paired with RazorGuard Original Clear Solution, they delivered the smoothest, closest shaves and left your skin looking and feeling healthier all day long. 

"The Best a Man Can Get" just got better 

Your Membership Includes;

  • Your Choice of Handle
  • A Gillette Sensor Blade
  • 1 0unce Bottle of RazorGuard Original Clear Solution
  • RazorGuard Travel Disc
  • Members will also receive a $2 discount on all future RazorGuard Original Clear Refills along with...
FREE GILLETTE SENSOR BLADES with every RazorGuard Refill order







         with your choice of handle






Light Weight Plastic                                                     Heavy Weight Metal


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