About Us Spa

Dennis Winsell, President, Winsell Inc.
Joanne Winsell, Medical Aesthetician

Growing up on the Central Coast of California I have always live actively outdoors always been conscious of my environment whether it be surfing, hiking or gardening.

After years of Fortune 50 experience and shaving everyday, in 1994 I invented my first product RazorGuard. I wanted to share with the world a better way to shave and to get the best performance and longest life possible from any razor. "Save Earth, Save Money, Save Face"

In 2003, I developed and introduced ShaveGuard PreShave and our proprietary scent with the assistance of my wife. In 2004 we opened San Luis ObiSpa built around Joanne's skin care expertise.

This experience and knowledge has driven our Mankind/Earthkind approach to personal care products. Not only are our all-natural blends made from the finest locally grown ingredients, our bottles, caps, and packaging are completely recyclable.

We hope you enjoy our line as we keep improving and diversifying.




  As the founder of Winsell inc. I like  to share my life , hiking I am the founder of RazorGuardFrom the invention of RazorGuard in 1994, Winsell Inc has


RazorGuard Inc. was established in 1994 with the introduction of RazorGuard into The Sharper Image catalog and stores and the launch of our website.

After multiple appearances on QVC and unsolicited endorsements from our nation's leading lifestyle magazines we found ourselves growing rapidly and on the shelves of select CVS Pharmacy and supermarkets. Following a successful two-year retail campaign our expansion was brought to a halt by the nation's largest razor blade manufacturer forcing us to pull RazorGuard from retail shelves.

But you can't keep a good product down... 

Today, thanks to the dedication of our customers (and the invention of the Internet), Winsell Inc. brings over 20 years of product development and quality customer service to the marketplace.  

We source only the finest pharmaceutical grade natural ingredients to develop our proprietary cutting-edge skin/shave care products backed by a Lifetime Money Back Guarantee. 

Join me in my blog below, So You Think You Have A Good Idea? as I share in more detail the breakthroughs and challenges of this entrepreneurial journey that began as a bathroom experiment based on a a childhood experience and found itself within the legal grasp of an industry giant in just a few years. 

...and stay tuned as "together" we will design our newest invention guaranteed to disrupt and revolutionize the shave cream industry!